WDNR response to bio-trap study results regarding PCP degradation

  • What was the goal of the investigation summarized in this letter?
    The bio-trap study aimed to investigate the natural degradation of pentachlorophenol (PCP) in the groundwater plume on the Wauleco site, and conclusively demonstrate whether natural degradation of PCP is occurring at the site.

  • What key information should readers take away from this letter?
    The WDNR has reviewed the bio-trap study results regarding PCP degradation and concurs with the report’s conclusion that PCP is biodegrading naturally at the Wauleco site.

  • Why is this communication relevant?
    Combined with other remediation efforts at the Wauleco property, PCP biodegradation is reducing the concentration of PCP in the area. The WDNR recommends incorporating information from the report into ongoing discussions of further remediation efforts.

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