WDNR response to wood waste-burning soil-sampling study

  • What was the goal of the investigation summarized in this letter?

    The DNR asked us to evaluate whether historic burning of wood at the site resulted in the aerial deposition of certain contaminants (i.e., dioxins and furans). This study was designed to respond to that request.

  • What key information should readers take away from this letter?

    This letter indicates that DNR was satisfied by the study Wauleco conducted, and that no additional action is necessary on Wauleco’s part concerning the issue of aerial deposition of contaminants from historical wood-burning.

  • Why is this communication relevant?

    The study revealed that sources of dioxins and furans were greatest along a former railroad corridor now owned by the City of Wausau and in an alley upwind of Wauleco, rather than coming from the Wauleco site. The DNR agreed with this conclusion, and determined there was no reason for Wauleco to investigate the issue further.

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